IVS 185


75-200 mm White Light Optical CD and Overlay for Semiconductor and MEMS Metrology


The cornerstone of the IVS-185's unbeatable reliability and stability is its mean-time between failure (MTBF) of 1800 hours. Modest maintenance requirements consist of a quarterly PM with a bi-annual 30-minute bulb replacement.


The IVS-185 leads the industry, ensuring optimal system availability and years of problem-free operation. The robust design of the wafer handling and navigation system requires no operator assistance during recipe execution. Recipes and data remain stable over time.


Versatile wafer handling accommodates many variations in wafer composition including quartz, glass, GaAs and slotted wafers of various sizes.


Another unique characteristic of the IVS-185 is its Multi-Z element, which enables measurement of up to four planes in a consistent field of view inside a single measurement sequence. The Multi-Z component also is capable of performing as many as 10 separate measurements at the same time, maximizing data collection and throughput.


The IVS-185 delivers unparalleled measurement performance on all layers with CD and overlay measurements in the same recipe. Specific algorithms for MEMS applications allow for measurement of a wide array of MEMS structures. The proven capabilities of the IVS 185 to perform with high precision and rock solid reliability set this system apart.