Atlas III

Atlas® III

Advanced Film & OCD Metrology System


The Atlas III thin film and OCD system is latest generation metrology tool for leading-edge 3D device process control. By extending metrology performance to sub-Angstrom precision and accuracy levels, the Atlas III system enables advanced process control across a broad range of applications in high volume manufacturing. The Atlas family of products incorporate a proprietary spectroscopic reflectometry and spectroscopic ellipsometry solution, and when combined with Nanometrics’ industry leading Spectraprobe and NanoDiffractOCD analysis software, enable process control of every critical manufacturing unit operation. The Atlas III and NanoDiffract solution provides insight of complex structure profiles across etch, clean, deposition, and chemical mechanical polish (CMP) steps. With its unique optics architecture, the Atlas III system offers a single platform for both thin films and OCD measurements, enabling flexibility for customers in deployment and ramp to minimize cost of ownership, while providing consistent metrology performance for next generation device process control.


Continued device scaling, use of novel materials and processes in foundry and DRAM as well as the emergence of high aspect ratio device architectures in advanced DRAM and 3D-NAND places increasing demands on process equipment, and control, driving the need for better precision and accuracy on features with extreme geometry. Additionally, such tighter process tolerances are driving more complex metrology strategies such as direct and in-die SRAM measurements as well as measurements across complex arrays in 3D devices. The Atlas III system architecture of combined measurement technology and proprietary analysis algorithms provides the broadest range of semiconductor fab application metrology solutions and the richest data set, enabling the most complex measurements. With improvements in every core subsystem, the Atlas III system significantly extends the capability of our industry-leading Mueller Matrix based spectroscopic ellipsometry and spectroscopic reflectometry solution. Combined with critical advancements in NanoDiffract, Atlas III will be utilized at the most demanding front end of line applications in transistor formation, storage capacitor, and 3D-NAND tier stack applications to significantly accelerate information cycles in development and improving time to yield of these new technologies.


The Atlas III, when combined with Nanometrics’ IMPULSE and Trajectory T3 integrated metrology systems, as well as Spectraprobe and NanoDiffract analysis solutions, forms a core part of an overall process control solution offering. Additional applications can be unlocked with combined data types to enable process control enhancements across modules, extending the customer’s ability to produce predictable high yielding devices.