UniFire Metrology System

UniFire 7900

Advanced 3D Wafer-Scale Packaging (WSP) Metrology System


The UniFire 7900 provides high-precision lithography metrology for high-volume semiconductor IC manufacturers. This fully automated tool delivers critical dimension (CD), overlay, and film thickness in one measurement. In the back end of the line (BEOL), for redistribution layer (RDL) and under bump metallization (UBM) patterning, Nanometrics' 3D measurement technique provides repeatable critical dimensioning of the most challenging within-die product structures.


Using a patented non-contact, non-damaging technologies, the UniFire 7900 can measure CD and etch depth of TSV (Through Silicon Via) structures in both development and high volume manufacturing. The UniFire 7900 offers CD, overlay, and film thickness in one tool, reducing the number of metrology devices in the wafer fab, and saving clean room space and providing a lower TCO (total cost of ownership).


In addition to lithography process control for high volume manufacturing, the UniFire 7900 is useful in process development to help characterize wafer topography, wafer bow, and defect review.


Key Features:

  • Provides multiple critical dimensions in one measurement
  • CD, 1σ < 1%
  • Overlay, 1σ < 1%
  • Film thickness, 1σ < 0.1%
  • Throughput > 40 WPH, 5 sites
  • Single sensor capable of sub-angstrom vertical resolution, independent of field of view